"Block Puzzle + RPG" Game with Real Time Limit

You wake up in the old Gothic mansion with no memory of who you are. There is no way out of it but 3 speaking portraits. You are forced to play their strange game to figure out who has taken your memory in 7 days.





  1 on 1 Block Puzzle Battle

  • You and your enemy drop blocks by turns on the same game board.

  • Your opponent will try to stack gray stones and you have to stack red jewels against him.

  • If the same color blocks get together, they will be fused into bigger blocks attacking opponent.

  • The game will end when either you or your opponent has no health left.


  Real Time Elements

  • 7 days real time limit to finish the game.

  • Rage Mode: A random opponent becomes stronger than the others. Raged Mode switches between portraits every hour.

  Mysterious Story Driven

  • The story progresses after puzzle battles are won

  • The storytelling parts between the puzzle battles to let player understand what is going on.

  • Unpredictable story with a plot twist


  RPG-like Growth, Item Farming and Upgrade System


  • Grow your character to prepare upcoming battles.

  • After battles you can find relics to help you in your puzzle game.

  • Using a relic, can damage and ultimately destroy it. You need to strategically choose what relic you will upgrade or throw away to survive.

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